ISUZU MFG.|Yes, I can do it.

Yes, I can do it.


① Environment

As a global company, we must be responsive to environmental issues, and have to take measures against global warming, ozone depletion, air pollution, etc.

We have improved and provided casting plants, chemical plants, and pollution control plants setting our targets for world-class, high-efficiency technology.
ISUZU has presently tasked itself to address the challenges of the global environmental issues.

② GEC ~Global Engineering Corporation~

【Global Engineering Corporation (GEC)】

As a part of our business foundation to deal with environmental problems, Global Engineering Corporation (GEC) was established in 2007.

GEC’s first step is to launch a joint venture in Tianjin, China (GECC).
Tianjin, the largest open port in northern China, is under the direct control of China’s central government. It is the center of economy and takes only two hours by freeway or high-speed railway from Beijing. We tackle projects with rapid response in Tianjin to be competitive in the world markets.

③ Frontier of Business

【GINSHIRO; Workshop of Business Development Dept.】

●Workshop for trial production, named after our first president
●High-skilled veterans belonged
●Able to prototype a new product speedy with rough sketches only
●Presents an ideal craftsmanship of ISUZU to manufacture without depending on only 3D CAD

【Super sunshine photovoltaic system; “SU:VO” available from 2011】

“SU:VO” is a concentrating PV system. It keeps turning to face at right angles to the sun, and the light is concentrated into a cell through a lens for efficient power generation.

【Introduction examples of SU:VO】

Installed at prefectural halls, municipal halls, schools etc. as promotion of the development of renewable energy or preparation for disaster

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