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Yes, I can do it.



Long lasting partnerships based on a passion for invention

【To satisfy customers, we are trying any kind of technology and methods.】

We are more than a mere engineering company. By integrating all areas of technology from around the world, we have cultivated our unique “Combination Technology” which allows us to develop innovative production systems with fresh ideas.

We are an all-rounder with different faces such as a casting plant manufacturer, an expert in automotive assembly facilities, an environmental company, a food processing facilities manufacturer, or a chemical plant manufacture…
We readily create a large variety of diverse systems to provide custom-made products for each customer.

Here, we introduce you to our fascinating and outstanding achievements.

Large domestic share in the market of low pressure die casting machines

【Data of ISUZU low pressure die casting machines】

  • Exports by country
  • Deliveries by market

As a low estimate, at least half of the tens of millions of automobiles that are currently in Japan are equipped with engine parts produced with our machinery.
For example, the low pressure die casting machines delivered by ISUZU have a combined annual production capacity of approximately 10 million cylinder heads. This would provide cylinder heads for over 80% of the 12 million cars being produced annually in Japan.
This is just one of our achievements. Our market share continues to extend beyond Japan, and ISUZU plants are playing an active role throughout to the worlds.


If you want to create something original, please consult with us.
At ISUZU, from our sales representatives to our production engineers, everyone is a member of our passionate development team.

We hold a large domestic market share for low pressure die casting machines for engine parts and aluminum wheels, but it does not mean we are limited only to this field.     We have developed and produced more than 10,000 kinds of machines and systems in various fields. Our products are the achievements that we have been trying to satisfy customers’ asking “Can you do it?” We will demonstrate our wisdom and skill throughout the world to find a solution for customers, even if the demands are extreme.


We are always a step ahead with our technology and keep an eye on the global market.

Not only Japanese customers ask us, “Can you do it?”
Our products are used in Japanese cars that are exported overseas, so people in other countries are now recognizing us as well. In fact, we ship 40% of our low pressure die casting machines overseas. Our staff members are working side-by-side with local employees in the world.

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